Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My God

      My God is beginning and end, He is the creator of the world and the author of my faith, He is loving and just, He is all knowing, He is beautiful and powerful, HE JUST IS! I have been blown away in the past few weeks as I have seen God move in this resort area. God is not like a human: He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He does not have favorites, He doesn't have a selfish agenda, He doesn't run out of love. Sometimes as Christians, especially Christians in America, it is easy to overlook how powerful God is. We live in a country where we can go hours, days, even weeks without acknowledging our Loving Father, without even so much as stopping to say a ten minute prayer, because we have everything we need to "survive". But, we do not have everything we need to truly live, we do not have what we need for true happiness, we have what we need for a life that leads to sorrow and death.
       As a summer missionary I have seen God do crazy things that I could not even imagine: I have seen Him answer prayers for healing as my team members heal from various accidents,heartaches and illnesses, I have seen Him break through hearts of stone on the beach, in daycamps, in the government housing community, and in the very lives of the people I work with, I have seen Him provide for our team, I have seen miracles. This week alone we have had seven salvations (I do not know the overall number for the summer but I know it is more than this). Every salvation has been an absolutely amazing: seeing a person walk from darkness in a world of hopelessness into a world of new life and joy, A LIFE OF FREEDOM is a breathtaking experience. We had three little boys saved in day camps in the mornings and four people saved on the beach (two of which were a fifty-four year old and her daughter). I assure you that nothing that has happened this week has been from ANYONE on our team: we have not done anything except be willing to be God's hands and feet. We have been praying for boldness and it has been granted, not in our power, but in God's and we are so honored and amazed to be a small part in this huge story of what He is doing on Earth.
       I will never again say that the God doesn't do miracles the way He used to or change lives because the SAME GOD that rescued the Israelites out of Eygpt, the same God who called Paul, the same God who fed an entire nation with falling mana, the same God who crumbled the walls of Jericho with trumpets and shouts, the same God who sent his very Son to Die on the cross and then rose him from the grave in three days CONQUERING HELL, DEATH, AND SATAN HIMSELF....THAT IS MY GOD! My God is amazing and all powerful, my God does not know limits, and my God is the same God now that He was then and not only can he still do these miraculous things He actually does them every single day. Unfortunately in America we have forgotten to look for Him. But, after what I have seen Him do this week I will never forget to look again.
        We still appreciate the prayers, we need prayers for protection and boldness as we go throughout our days.
Thank you!
In His Love.

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