Thursday, June 13, 2013

My life has been wrecked

Before I begin I would like to apologize for not posting. Our Internet has been down the past few weeks-much to the frustration of all of those involved. I should be much more consistent now in my post-I great appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

        Exhausted. A word I have loosely thrown around my entire life, yet a word that has becomes insanely real in the past few weeks. We have easily fallen into our routine. Get up, eat breakfast, go to lead day camps in the RV Parks, eat lunch on the go, work in the government housing community, eat dinner, throw a block party, plan for the next day. Our days frequently range from 8-8 and the sheer emotional toll is draining. Yet, in the midst of this I am more joyful than I have ever been. God is using my fatigue, my human emotions, and my stubbornness to change some lives.
          The days are long but our moments are sweet. The other night I was at a block party we were hosting, my job was simple-sit inside and make sure the kids don't kill each other. As I'm sitting in the corner of the bounce this precious little blond two year old girl climbs I'm, walks over to me, stops in front of me and stares. My initial reaction was to scoot away but every time I tried she scooted closer. Eventually she giggled and went down the slide, but this routine repeated itself about 9 times. Over the roar of the pump I heard her grandmother tell her the night was over and she needed to go home-she quickly ran around the corner only to reemerge and jump back inside the bounce house. This time our routine changed-she ran over to me, put a new plucked flower behind my ear, smiled and went down the slide. My heart immediately melted. No matter how tired I am I know people still notice-we are still touching lives, we still matter.
            Our phrase this summer is "God wrecked my life". Usually when you have your life wrecked it is a horrific incident, one that leaves you forever changed. But, when God wrecks your life he leaves you abundantly joyful, in constant anticipation, and with a powerful persistence. I have played a million games of knockout, I have been cussed at, hit, kissed, hugged, loved, and hated. I have danced like a fool as the only white girl in a gym, I have given piggy back rides until I thought my back would break and yet I cannot wait to wake up every morning and do it again. The beautiful children that play with my hair, the girls that cry telling me how it feels to be unloved, the boys who cave into hugs even though they are "too old" for them. They have wrecked my life, stolen my heart and changed my life forever.
          If this is exhaustion I cannot get enough of it. My team as well as myself appreciates your prayers as we were reminded yesterday of just how dangerous our jobs can be. We had an accident at our ministry location and one of our boys has fractured three bones in his face-we returned to the work sight without him today to some very confused and concerned kids. There is no doubt we are in the center of God's will because satan is fighting back hard.
Love and kisses :)

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  1. Meg, you continue to be an inspiration!
    Love and hugs. Tamm