Friday, May 17, 2013

My Whole Life Fits In a Suitcase.

I feel like I have lost my mind. What would cause a ninteen year old to travel 667 miles, 11 hours away from home, alone and without a schedule of what my life will look like for the next three months? Only the love of an all powerful and all knowing Savior I assure you. I started the tedious packing project last night-4 hours in total when you calculate all of the shopping we had to do-and afterwards I had a terrifying realization; MY ENTIRE LIFE FITS IN TWO LITTLE SUITCASES. I feel a little ridiculous as I shut my closet door (still completely full of clothes) and look around at my bedroom (still fully furnished), what does all this stuff mean in the long run? Absolutely nothing, it is just that-STUFF. If all of this was gone what would my life be, what would it all mean? Life is so much more than books on the bookshelf or cute clothes to wear around campus; it is about people, living, breathing, laughing, crying humans made in the image of God. People have asked me all week "Aren't you afraid?" "You will be all alone, doesn't that terrify you?" the answer is YES that absolutely scares me to death. But, I am much, much more afraid of complacency. I am more afraid of settling down in this little town to a comfortable life and missing the beautiful and perfect plan that God has for me somewhere beyond the bounds of my wildest dreams. So here I am: terrified and about to embark with my two little suitcases, a heart full of love, and a journey ahead.

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  1. Hey Baby Doll, Oh, trust me - your life is sooo much more than 2 suitcases full of stuff. You make a room come to life when you walk in with your smile, laughter, love and enthusiasm for life! Don't lose that!